Shelbyra Fitri "다비치"

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference"

I found this article and it's really beautiful and inspiring for me and that's why I wanna share to all readers in my blog. Many thanks to piecesofmejen for writing this beautiful post. 

After every storm the Sun surely will shine again. Grey clouds in the sky and stormy rain always turn back into pretty, blue skies and the calm and peace is once again restored back into life. You could not have one without the other really. And it’s funny how we always forget this. We tend to think it’s always raining in our lives, and only our lives, or wish it wouldn’t rain so much, I know I do. You know those times, when everything that could go wrong in your life really does go wrong, and it just seems like it’s all happening at once, and you feel as if you are being somehow punished and wonder what you could have done differently.
Then something or a few things happen that make you aware, that life is just a circle of these things, good and bad. That everything really does happen for a reason. And maybe it sounds kind of corny or cliché but isn’t it true? How a bunch of things can happen to you and not one of them are good and you feel as if it won’t ever get better, you feel hopeless and defeated and then BAM! A door opens, and someone or something comes along on your path to remind you, that the storms in your life prepared you somehow to appreciate the Sun in your life! 

That storm happened and it destroyed so much, but a different kind of beauty could stem from that.
I do often wonder if we can call things to ourselves…like what you think will happen, happens, or what you put out into the Universe comes back to you eventually. 

Or maybe things just happen, and they happen as they are meant to happen. Sometimes we make bad decisions, one after the other, and sometimes we don’t do anything wrong and bad things still happen. Those bad decisions and random accidents or things that just go wrong, all of them, lead us to something better eventually, and maybe we don’t see it at first, but it eventually comes through. Like being laid off from one job can somehow give you time to do other things you never had time to do and maybe land you something even better, where you might figure out something else you had a passion for, or you could meet someone new who will become your best friend. Or a bad break up can feel like hell at first, as they always do, but that break up could lead you to figure out more about yourself, give you more time to love yourself, and maybe even to love someone else who was even better for you…I know it’s all been discussed a million times. This is not something we haven’t all thought about, but it’s all so true. And it’s something to think about. 
 One dream could die and it will hurt like hell, but other dreams can be made and lived and the ones that died can lead you to the ones that will come true! 

I used to hate when people said “don’t complain, it could be worse” because it doesn’t take away my pain or make my situation go away, my pain is still real, but the more I experience, the more I realize how true this is, because it can always be worse, and knowing this makes you appreciate what you have.
I personally don’t like to give up on things, I hold on so tightly sometimes that I don’t allow change, growth or even reality to set in. I want things to stay the same even when they clearly have changed. I get very comfy and often refuse to step out of that zone. I like to stay where I feel safe, stick with what I know, instead of venturing out into the unknown. I don’t always enjoy the moment, the time I have now, because I am so busy planning ahead and worrying about what will happen if… 

But I just gotta keep going…no matter what! Even if it rains for a long time and there is no damn sun in sight.
You are so much stronger than you believe, there is so much yet for you to live and learn, so many people you are yet to meet. Places you are yet to go. 

Never give up faith or belief in yourself, because things do turn around eventually and you need to be ready for the next storm coming up ahead… 

"Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” ~Rabindranath Tagore 

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