Shelbyra Fitri "다비치"

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference"

Dear Dee-dee,

Today I really feeling so down and I can't think clearly. After I get chat with my friend and she talk about someone, everything in front of my eyes seems blury but maybe that's all I feeling right now.

Do you remember about the young boy that I felt crush on him ?? The boy that I met in my cultural tracking to some urban village ?? Yup.. That's one, the man that really kind person.

So, now he's really ignoring and avoiding me. And also he told one my of my friend that he feel nothing about me. For right now, I don't care what his feeling about me, I only care that I want him to be my friend again, that's all....

Call me selfish with that my asking but I only asking that simple thing, being my friend again, don't avoiding or ignoring when we meet, reply my messages coz that's what friend always do.

IF what I'm asking to him so big, so maybe I'd go from this circle. I choose to be unknown people in his life like we used to in the past. I know him from that cultural tracking, I get this feeling after traveling from Bogor, so.. Its only count in month, so I wish - really wish - I can get used to be what I was in the old past when I don't know him.

Its his right to avoiding me and I only do just forgive him. I don't want to be more selfish because he ignoring me. I just want to close this story, never get tired to falling in love with other men - of course good man - thankfull for this feeling I have for this almost 3 months I knew him.

This is it... This is the end of another my love story, I never regret with this feeling. And with this my last written, I hope he can find his happiness same as mine.

I always dare to receive this feeling -hurts - coz that's what inside of love. You can find happiness, sadness, joy, laugh, tears, memories and I'm bless I can falling love again.

God, thanks for this story... And thanks for my lovely sister Sibel, who always courage and supporting me even we live in different time.

Hug Sister...
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