Shelbyra Fitri "다비치"

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference"

Dear God,

I'd just arrived at my house, take a shower and Isya Prayer, meditation 5-10 minutes and write a little notes here about what happen today.

Woke up late about at 7 am because I have 2 event today such as joint for TV show MTGW "Mario Teguh Golden Ways" and Dolan's gathering monthly. For this part 1, I'll talk about BIG lesson for my life when I come to MTGW recording tv show.

The show talk about Less is More. Less our obsesion, more our thankful to God for what He already gave us. I know what my mistakes about what happen in my life now when I heard about that lesson. I'm too much focus on unimportant things in my life, I open the door for sadness so I can't move on, I blame myself for what happen, I blame some people in my world, I blame world and I blame God. Such a big fool I am. God, please forgive me.

All I should do now that I just be thankful for what God gave me. Thankful for a little thing that I'm not aware such as thankful for smile put on my smile, thankful for noisy thing in my family, thankful for the time I can relax in my room like this.

God always standing next to me, surround by His love who always take care of me and my family, give me His love and always forgive me everytime I rebel His rules...

Thanks God for your blessings that You already gave me, thanks for anything that happen in my life. I can't make promise to be a good servant for You but I'll try to follow Your path, be near to You and do my best in this life.

Subhannalloh Walhamdulillah Walailahailalloh Wallohu Akbar

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