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"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference"

We flashback to before the girls were tossed into the water with the housekeeper switching Jong-Hee and Eun-Jae’s clothes sans shoes. Eun-Jae is still unconscious and Jong-Hee looks on with worry. The housekeeper spies Mu-Yeol’s car from above and lets the two know that he will only save one of them. Which one will he pick?

Housekeeper: The mind has many layers. Sometimes it’s even hard to understand your own mind. When one faces death, one’s true mind will be revealed. Which one of you he really loves, we will find out soon.
She puts a black bag over their face and tells them how it’s not fair, but only one of them will live. Basically, the girl he loves will die and the girl he doesn’t love will live, knowing that she wasn’t the one. The one who dies should be happy because she was truly loved. It’s a sick game for the housekeeper. The housekeeper claims that the wounded Mu-Yeol will forever be hers. She gets them up and  threatens to kill them if they move an inch.
Episode 16: Try hard til the end! The uncaught third strike!
Uncaught third strike is when the pitcher fails to catch the pitch of the third strike on a full count so the batter is not out. Basically means given an extra chance when one is in trouble.

Mu-Yeol gets a phone call from the housekeeper through Jong-Hee’s cell phone and she tells him their location. He runs and notifies Tae-Han that they are at the swimming pool. When he gets there, he is asked who is his woman? The housekeeper wants to know who to hate for life. She pushes the two of them in which forces Mu-Yeol to jump into the pool.


Mu-Yeol rescues Eun-Jae first and Tae-Han has jumped into to save Jong-Hee. Mu-Yeol holds Eun-Jae’s face for a while before leaving her to help Jong-Hee. Mu-Yeol gives CPR to an unconscious Jong-Hee. The police run in with Dong-Ah and she tells them to arrest the housekeeper.
Eun-Jae looks hurt and the housekeeper notices all this. Mu-Yeol enters the ambulance with Jong-Hee and looks at Eun-Jae one last time before the ambulance drives off. Eun-Jae lets a tear slip down her cheek before collapsing also. While unconscious, she starts hearing what the housekeeper said about the one not loved will live.
Eun-Jae springs awake, scaring her family members who are with her. Chang-Ho comments that it’s just like her to wake up in that fashion (haha). She asks where Mu-Yeol is and the family are confused as to why she would ask. She ends up wandering the halls and enters Jong-hee’s room to find her still not awake.
Tae-Han is talking to Mu-Yeol about how they found Jung Young-Man’s name in the housekeeper’s notebook. Jung Young-Man was the name of the man Mu-Yeol got in a bar fight with five years ago. The housekeeper tells her motive in the interrogation room about how she didn’t like Mu-yeol looking at other women, but she also didn’t like Mu-Yeol looking at her because she was ashamed. She was old and ugly and he was young and handsome. Once he was destroyed and no one looked at him, she would look at him all by herself.
Housekeeper: Do I look like a witch? A witch was once a princess too. When the princess loves, it’s a fairy tale; when a witch loves, it’s a curse.
The detective asks the housekeeper if she has any words to say towards the victim. She apologizes for daring to love him. She says this while staring at the glass window that only Mu-Yeol can see her through. Mu-Yeol looks away in anger and disgust.
The police go to Su-Young’s mother’s place and asks for Su-Young. The mother wants to shield Su-Young, but Su-Young already remembers everything. Dong-Su gets released and Su-Young enters the police station.She apologizes to him and before he can say anything, the police lead her away.
Mu-Yeol meets Dong-Su outside the police station and offers to take him to eat Tofu stew (tofu is what a prisoner eats once he gets out of jail, it’s like a way to start clear, per se). Mu-Yeol tells him not to worry about Su-Young because she was under extraneous circumstances (Dong-Su had to say this part for Mu-Yeol because he couldn’t remember the word. Ha!). Thus, their friendship is restored!
Eun-Jae holds Jong-Hee’s hands and notices the ring still on her finger. She is yet again reminded of the housekeeper’s words. She sighs and Mu-Yeol surprises her with his voice in the room. He ruffles her hair and asks about Jong-Hee’s status. Eun-Jae reports that the nurse told her she ate and then went back to sleep. Mu-Yeol says it’s because she’s weak and suffered a lot. Eun-Jae mutters that she fell into the water too. Mu-yeol wraps his arm around her and says she’s really strong.
They sit in the empty, dark hospital waiting area. He tells Eun-Jae about all the papers he had to sign and everything which was why he was gone for a while. He didn’t have time to think and she retorts: it’s not like he thinks all the time which makes him laugh a little. Eun-Jae thinks back to that expression he had on his face when he saw that it was her he saved. Before she can ask, he tells her to come over so she can give him a hug. He request that she hug him tightly so she does. He whispers that liking someone isn’t a bad thing, but she [housekeeper] really creeped him out.
The housekeeper is now in jail (a really clean one, I might add) and her voice resonates the line: when a princess falls in love, it’s a fairytale, but when a witch falls in love, it’s a curse.
Mu-Yeol walks into Eun-Jae’s room, but realizes that her family is inside so Eun-Jae makes an excuse of signing discharge papers so her family can leave. She fakes going to the restroom and sneaks out to meet Mu-Yeol in the hallway. She asks about Jong-Hee and his spring training. Jong-Hee’s getting discharged tomorrow and he’ll just go with the second unit the day after tomorrow. He’ll be gone for a month and a half. He jokingly asks if she wants to come too and she asks if he wants a bad record – then again, it’ll help the Seagulls. He pulls on her hat and calls her a bad girl.
Eun-Jae tries to ask him again about the swimming pool incident, but sees her family eyeing them suspiciously. She shoves Mu-yeol away and says good bye loudly before skipping away. The family asks her what they were talking about, but she just tells them to go. Chang-Ho points out they were awfully close which earns him a smack on the forehead (hee).
Mu-Yeol goes to visit Jong-Hee who is just sitting upright silently. He comments at how she’s been just eating and sleeping. Jong-Hee looks at him and asks who he is. OH NO…Drama, don’t go that route! This ain’t Boys Over Flowers! Jong-Hee asks who is she? There’s this long silence before Mu-Yeol realizes she was just trolling him. Good drama. Jong-hee wonders if she should just go into acting instead of painting. To prove to Mu-Yeol that she was joking about the whole amnesia thing, she states his name and how they used to be together, but have broken up now. Jong-Hee asks the question we have all been waiting for: why he saved “her” (when Eun-Jae was wearing Jong-Hee’s clothes). However, we don’t get an answer.
Eun-Jae asks Dong-Ah for some advice, but Dong-Ah feels betrayed that she was told Eun-Jae liked Reporter Go. Dong-Ah swears vengeance and Eun-Jae challenges her, how is she going to do it? Dong-Ah shouts for the family and starts declaring who Eun-Jae likes, but gets foiled when Eun-jae shuts her mouth. Dong-Ah says she can’t hide it forever, Eun-Jae knows that and will take care of that later. But the more urgent thing is how to ask Mu-Yeol why he saved her. Dong-Ah says to ask him directly, but Eun-Jae frets about her not being the one he wanted to save.
Mu-Yeol calls Eun-jae but it goes straight to voicemail so he texts her to call back because he need to tell her something. He enters the kitchen to get a bottle of water and notices the apron. He tosses it in the trash. Eun-jae doesn’t notice the message until the next day and the housekeeper’s voice keeps resonating those words of the loved one and unloved on. Eun-Jae shouts at the voice to shut up and it does (hahahha). She musters up the courage to call back, but he can’t tell her what he’s going to say right now because Jong-Hee’s getting discharged. Ack, misunderstandings. Eun-Jae probably thinks she’s second in his heart.
Jong-hee tells him that he should tell Eun-Jae the answer already because not everyone is like him. They stop in front of a charity box and Mu-Yeol asks if this is alright. Jong-Hee replies it’s better than throwing it into the Han River (smart girl!). Mu-yeol looks at his own ring and comments that if she didn’t leave the rings in the mailbox, he wouldn’t have held onto her. Jong-Hee says she didn’t and she flashes back to when the housekeeper was angry that Jong-Hee still had the ring despite how hard to tried to take it away. Jong-Hee says poetically: if fate decides when you are together, then fate decides when you leave. They end up donating the rings and watch it fall into the glass box.
The taxi pulls up and Mu-Yeol wonders if they’ll meet again, Jong-hee replies it’s better if they don’t. He starts to say her name, but Jong-Hee says: I’m thankful too. The taxi leaves and Jong-Hee’s gone. Eun-Jae is punching away on her punching bag. She thinks back to when Mu-Yeol asked if there was something she didn’t want to lose no matter what, to Jong-Hee running up and hugging Mu-Yeol, to Jong-hee and Mu-Yeol revisiting their painting, to Mu-Yeol hugging Jong-Hee after the Short incident, to Jong-hee leaning on Mu-yeol after that incident, and finally Mu-Yeol’s words during Christmas about it not being how many people you date; you just feel that person is the one. Eun-Jae answers Mu-Yeol’s phone call with all the insecurities bottled up in her. Mu-Yeol wants to swing by her house, but Eun-jae chickens out. She tells him not to come because her family is here and she’s sick. She hangs up on him. Mu-Yeol pulls over and calls back, but she ignores his call.
Dong-Ah tells Tae-Han in the car about how loving someone so much can be dangerous because you start to imagine all the ways you can lose that person. When you are afraid, suspicions grow too. She turns and stares at Tae-han which makes him uncomfortable. She picks up a strand of hair from his shoulder and demands who this belongs to. Tae-Han says it’s hers and she compares it to her hair. It’s a match and she coughs awkwardly. She wonders when that happened and he replies a little while ago. The memories seems to make the two feel a bit flustered (haha). Dong-Ah asks with a smile on her face the date because she’s going to record it as the first time Kim Dong-Ah got jealous! Tae-Han breaks out into a little smile.
Eun-Jae walks into the dining room where her dad and Chang-Ho have all the food prepared (seriously, can I live with them?!). The family notices that she’s not eating like her usual self. They bought her some Korean pork so she can gain her healthy faster and only she can eat it. Haha, poor Chang-Ho. Mu-Yeol rings the doorbell and Chang-Ho goes to answer it. When he saw who it was, he wouldn’t let Mu-Yeol in and just tells him to get out. The dad gets called out and when Eun-jae hears her dad utter: “you bad guy,” she pieces it all together. Mu-Yeol shouts at her and calls her Blockhead which gets the dad angry. How dare someone call his precious daughter, Blockhead?! Mu-Yeol calls Eun-Jae by her name instead. Eun-jae goes and breaks up the fight.
Eun-Jae tells them to go inside after they kept commenting on every question Mu-Yeol asked (haha this is where Eun-Jae got her spunky genes from!). The family run inside and spies from the window. Mu-Yeol came to talk about the swimming pool incident. He asks if she’s curious and she is. She didn’t ask though because she’s scared of what he might say, he might say that he saved the wrong person and he was disappointed. Because he might not like her and was wrong. Mu-Yeol’s furious because he said that he liked her! Cue shocked faces by the family (hahaha).
He feels like she doesn’t trust him and asks if she really doesn’t know why. She demands to know why he saved her and he tells her to ask again because she’s asking it wrong. She asks the same way and he tells her to ask again. Eun-Jae shouts how should she ask then?! She finally utters if he even likes her. Mu-Yeol asks her the same question because if she does, she should trust him. Eun-Jae says she wants to but…Mu-Yeol completes her sentence, she can’t. It’s because he’s Park Mu-Yeol. Eun-Jae doesn’t reply. Mu-Yeol tells her that they can’t be together like this, he’s going away and she should use this time to reflect if she really likes him and if she trusts him. He says all this with tears in his eyes. He turns to leave when Eun-Jae demands why he saved her, but he’s not going to answer her. Mu-Yeol leaves and Eun-Jae is reduced to tears. The family come out to comfort her and the dad chases after Mu-Yeol while yelling, however he doesn’t get far since Mu-Yeol is in his car.

Mu-Yeol packs for camp and Eun-Jae cries in bed. We go back to the housekeeper. Seriously, she’s already in jail, why keep filming her?! We see her face and she repeats the fairytale curse thing. We see Reporter Go at a strawberry farm where this lady is telling him about the housekeeper. The housekeeper was really pretty when she was a high school student and a lot of guys would go by the school to see her. One even wrote a love letter in blood and threatened suicide. She dropped out of high school and left for Seoul after there were rumors of her being pregnant. She was shamed by her family. She was quiet so she didn’t have many friends and loved poetry. The lady asks why he wants to know all this and he replies that he plans to write a book about a certain baseball player.
Yumi (real name Yu Mi Jin) now works at a clothing shop and she still auditions for actual films now. Her partner in crime is now her manager and he helps her practice her lines. Meanwhile, the poor grandma cleans her grandson’s room and wipes the framed picture of Yoon-Yi as a child. Aww, poor granny.
On a happier note, Eun-Jae’s mom and dad enjoy a date at the snow sledding place (haha same place as Smile, You anyone?). They look genuinely happy and like teenagers again. They even get in trouble by the supervisors for lying down (haha). While they’re having fun, Chang-ho has a test to study for. The mom and son are still trying to reach a familial relationship, but it’s getting there.
Su-Young gets picked up by Dong-Su with Woo-Young after her monthly appointment with the psychologist is done. He takes them to the countryside where he plans a baseball field and a home to be built there. She can also paint there too and they discuss their future as they take a walk.
Kevin finally gets his air-conditioned office and he sips some coffee while overlooking the view. The moment gets ruined when he picks his wedgie hahaha!
Tae-han is waiting for Eun-Jae at the coffee shop when she enters in a silk hanbok (hehehe). She gives a little twirl and asks how she looks. He gives a small smile. He’s speechless and slightly self-conscious with people looking their way. She didn’t understand the silk tie thing at first but when she tried it, she approves. She unties it and realizes that she can’t tie it back by herself (uh oh). The end up looking it up on his phone and she struggles to tie it, eventually, Tae-Han does it.
In the car, Dong-Ah tells him that since she listened to his fantasy, he has to listen to hers. Before she tells him, he stops her and parks to the side to be safe. If it’s something shocking, they might end up in an accident. It turns out that her fantasy is for his to dress up in a silver colored metal armor like Iron Man because of his robot face and metallic personality (bahahahaaha). He starts up the car and drives, Dong-Ah continues telling him that he thought he would walk like a robot and begins mimicking one.  He sighs and she keeps poking fun at him. She tries to get him to smile while she’s laughing, and he reaches for her hand. How sweet!
Eun-Jae is a bodyguard for the divorced lady’s son and she went to the kid’s “When I grow up” day. Some kids want to be the generic doctor and others want to be an alien (haha). The divorced lady’s son doesn’t want a job though because you’ll will be busy (haha). Eun-Jae tells him about someone who’s really great without a job (haha Dong-Ah!), but doesn’t get to finish because the divorce lady comes by to pick him up.
Eun-Jae gets assigned another job and it’s to pick up someone at the airport. She doesn’t get a name so on her paper, it just says: He returns! So embarrassing haha. Mu-Yeol meets her at the airport and he’s hired her. They go back to his apartment where he still speaks to her formally. She asked if she could leave now, but he’s hired her for the whole day.
They go outside and play some catch. She asks him why he spoke formally and it was supposed to be a joke, but he didn’t know how to end it. He asks her isn’t it nice to ask a question right away when she has one rather than suppressing it and becoming suspicious. He almost died waiting which makes Eun-jae smile a little. He didn’t call her though because he wanted her to think things through.
Mu-Yeol: From now on, when something comes to your mind, throw it at me right away. Then I will catch it and throw it right back at you. Don’t whine by yourself.
Eun-Jae: Okay.
Mu-Yeol: I won’t lie to you.
Eun-Jae: Okay.
Mu-Yeol: Have you thought things over?
Eun-Jae: Yeah.
Mu-Yeol: Then ask me that question again.
Eun-Jae: That day….how did you know it was me?
He smiles, walks over, and unties her shoelace. He kneels down to tie it back.
Mu-Yeol: I’m sorry towards Jong-Hee, but at that moment, I only had eyes for you. But you’re suspecting me?
Eun-Jae: I have a question.
Mu-Yeol: Yeah?
Eun-Jae: Do you like me?
Mu-Yeol: Yeah.
Eun-Jae: How much do you like me?
Mu-Yeol: I feel I will love you til the day I die. But I’m not too sure. I like you so much I could die right now. That’s how much I like you.
And they finally kiss!
-End – Not!
They’re at the Red Dreamer’s stadium and it’s Seagulls vs Dreamers. The family is there with Dong-Ah and Tae-Han. Her family is forcing her to choose which side she will root for. The Dreamer fans are sitting near first base and the Seagull fans are sitting near third base. Dong-Ah picks Tae-Han’s side which he nods with approval. It’s tie 2-2 now and Eun-Jae is still thinking about it.
Mu-Yeol practices his swings. He looks at first base where Dong-Ah is sitting and at third where Eun-Jae’s family is sitting. He hears Eun-Jae’s voice cheering for the Seagulls, but then she gets her little megaphone and cheers on Mu-Yeol. Mu-Yeol waves at her and she gloats at how that’s her man (hhaahha). She and Mu-Yeol doe a cute fist pump cheer together. She shows off the red jacket she has under the blue one and flashes them both simultaneously. It ends with them both smiling at each other and her doing a big heart.

-End- For reals!
Wow what a roller coaster of an episode! I felt there was several lessons in today’s ep.

1. Beauty doesn’t last forever. It’s sad, but the tragedy of growing old is in all of us and one day we’ll just have to face it. It just depends on how we confront it.
2. A first love may be over, but the chemistry will always be there. Yeah I know, if you’re the second girlfriend, it might hurt to read this but even though that love has ended. There will always be that bond between the first loves or any other girlfriend after that for that matter. My friend noticed how when Jong-Hee left, she said “too” at both scenes. She knew what he was going to say and it takes a strong bond for that to happen.

3. Mr. Robot – Battery are the best and I demand a drama with just the two of them!

4. Chang-Ho will be a great husband! I drool over his cooking.

5. A love can start over and it can become a new one.
So I have to admit that at first, I didn’t understand the argument between Mu-Yeol and Eun-Jae at Eun-Jae’s house when she asked why he saved her. But then seeing her ask it again in a different way with Mu-yeol at the park made sense. The second time, she asked how he knew it was her, already assuming that he saved her when the first time, she thought he wanted to save Jong-hee. It must have hurt Mu-yeol’s feelings to have the girl he likes think she’s second rate when in fact she was always number one. So the second time she asked, she thought of herself as first rate and was just curious how he knew rather than why he did it. Because the answer for why he did it was so obvious – he loves her and for her not to know was painful. I also like how he bent down to tie her shoelace, fulfilling the earlier question she muttered about when he would ever tie the other shoelace.

The ending was one of my favorites, pretty much because they got me to grin like an idiot when she was cheering for him and he cheered too. GAHHH. There wasn’t much Wild Romance, this was more like Cute Romance.
Some slight problems I had with it was that it felt like Eun-Jae got pushed out of the main scene especially with the whole Jong-Hee plot and trying to figure out who was hurting her. It became more about her conflicts rather than Eun-Jae’s so we never got to see the whole bodyguard issue become and conflict nor a confrontation between Kevin and Eun-Jae which I was hoping for. I thought it would happen after seeing Kevin eye Mu-Yeol suspiciously when Mu-yeol kept asking about Eun-Jae as a teenager. I was also hoping for someone to like Eun-Jae and her to interact with the person more so Mu-Yeol would get jealous. I thought there would be a cameo with the guy who used to like Eun-Jae back in judo club haha.

Overall the things I like was how they didn’t really use the usual cliches like the amnesia plot or girl transforms for the guy. It’s great how Eun-Jae stayed herself with her tomboy style and still got the guy. It goes to show that a girl doesn’t have to change for the guy to like her. Kudos to that.

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