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"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference"

The confession is still going on, with Eun-Jae staring at Mu-Yeol (that stare is killing me) and he’s still trying to have her words sink into him. Jong-Hee arrives at his door, bearing a brown box with her. She keeps pressing the bell but no one answers her.
Talk about being at a wrong place at a wrong time..
Episode 9 : Who can we blame? Texas Hit.
*[Texas Hit - When a bad hit miraculously falls between the shortstop and outfielder. It is an omen for the defense!!]
~Imagine who could be the bad hit ..hmmm
Mu-Yeol stares at Eun-Jae with an unfathomable expression. He then walks off towards the door to unlock it, thus permitting Jong-Hee  to enter. She greets Eun-Jae, in which the latter responses with so much awkwardness, and gives a Christmas present to Mu-Yeol, but he  doesn’t show that much enthusiasm like he always do (probably still in daze after the confession). Jong-Hee looks at both of them and senses that something is off between them.

She decides to leave, but Eun-Jae’s sudden (loud and creepy) laugh stops her. Eun-Jae says something about being the loser and urges Jong-Hee to join them. She makes a call to Dong-Ah(and interrupting the poor girl’s golden nap time) to tell her about her lost in the bet that they made, while Dong-Ah thinks they didn’t make any bet. Eun-Jae cuts the call in the middle and proceeds to explain about the bet: to confess to someone that she won’t possibly like, that someone is Mu-Yeol. He squints at her adorably, showing his slight annoyance at her (and that’s cute! hihihi).
Mu-Yeol is actually not too pleased to be dragged into the game and when Jong-Hee asks what his answer would be, he says he’d just reply with a standard, nonchalant “Are you crazy?”. Jong-Hee thinks the game is a bit rude if Mu-Yeol really likes Eun-Jae, but Eun-Jae knows their relationship is just like the two people who want to kill each other. Mu-Yeol halfheartedly agrees to her description, earning a glance from Jong-Hee for both of them.
Eun-Jae urges Mu-Yeol to open Jong-Hee’s present and reveals the rotating music box (or whatever it is called ^^;). Mu-Yeol looks at the half-bought-half-self painted present and after being told by Jong-Hee to play the music box. He does so, and Jong-Hee dances adorably, not quite in tune with the music. The couple smiles, leaving Eun-Jae alone outside of their world, unknown to her. While the two women are left in the living room as Mu-Yeol goes to fetch Jong-Hee’s present, Eun-Jae wishes her a very awkward Christmas greeting before gulping down the beer.
Mu-Yeol gives Jong-Hee a perfume and when Eun-Jae asks him for her present, he says he doesn’t have any. Awww. He probably senses Eun-Jae’s sadness because she gets ignored and tells her the truth: he actually sent the gift straight to her house. Her father and brother have already gotten the large package, and it contains the high quality beef. Hahaha! She’s indeed in a very different league than Jong-Hee! She’s not that happy to receive beef as Christmas present, but Mu-Yeol says she’s such a big fan of meat and BBQ, that’s why he sent that. He totally cares for her!
The three of them ride the elevator together and Mu-Yeol tells Jong-Hee about Su-Yeong’s new job. She playfully asks him whether she should be a teacher like Su-Yeong or not. After she gets off at her level, Eun-Jae questions why he wants to escort her on her way out, while he never did that before this. He’s doing so because she’s drunk and holds out his hand to touch her hair, but her confession earlier sends him into another confusing emotions and he pulls back.
He’s still thinking about it and decides to ask Eun-Jae about it. Did she really meant it? But she doesn’t say anything and steps into the cab, with  Mu-Yeol opening the door for her (swoon~). He wishes her a safe journey and Eun-Jae is beginning to regret her actions earlier.
Eun-Jae arrives home. Her father and brother is still kneeling in the living room, their eyes looking at the beef from Mu-Yeol. She doesn’t show any enthusiasm about the gift, and the two guys are still contemplating whether to accept the gift from their enemy or not. Chang-Ho tries to make his father accept the meat, instead of throwing it away just like that.
Chang-Ho: Dad, you can hate a man, but you shall not hate the beef.
Eun-Jae’s Dad: That’s right. What did the beef do wrong?
Off his dad takes away the beef and starts putting them in the fridge. Hehehe. Chang-Ho tells his sister that his father probably didn’t get dumped and Eun-Jae is happy that someone could still enjoy his Christmas. Chang-Ho senses that she’s been dumped just by looking at her hunched, lifeless back.
Mu-Yeol isn’t getting his good night’s sleep as he keeps replaying Eun-Jae’s confession again and again in his head. He shouts at himself: why he’s thinking hard about it? The next day, Jong-Hee wakes up (don’t worry, she’s safe and sound at her own house! :P ) and gives Short the cat the milk. Suddenly, she sees the ripped envelope, clearly one of her Short’s bad doings. She chides the cat by blowing it on its face (which the cat helplessly and cutely tries to resist) and threatens to gives it an onion kiss if it does that again. She picks the ripped envelope and throws it away without looking at it.
The doorbell rings and at Mu-Yeol’s house, Eun-Jae arrives and sees the housekeeper ahjumma wearing a new scarf, a gift from Mu-Yeol. Eun-Jae sighs over the beef he got for her, and off Mu-Yeol and her leave for  the office. He can’t concentrate much on his training (Eun-Jae’s effect! kyaaa~) and misses so many shots. Dong-Soo comes over to tell him about their promise to watch movie at 5.
Eun-Jae tags along, only to find that it is a double date and she basically the loner. Dong-Soo and Su-Yeong, Mu-Yeol and Jong-Hee, Eun-Jae and her popcorn. She eyes Mu-Yeol and Jong-Hee with laser eyes as they whisper into each other’s ears. She crushes the popcorn bucket, waking up the sleeping man beside her. He looks at her with fear, and Eun-Jae puts a handful of popcorn into her mouth. I think she enjoys seeing the man looking at her with fear. hehehe.
Second round: to the game zone! The guys cheer for their women, while Eun-Jae stands quite far from them. She cheers for them from afar and has those longing eyes to join them. Awww. She plays hit-a-mole, but doesn’t put any coins in the broken machine; just hitting the holes to kill her time. She watches over them like a bodyguard should, and that actually breaks my little heart as I watch over our lonely Eun-Jae.
They go to a cafe to eat and Jong-Hee reminisces how Dong-Soo was the famous one during college, and now Mu-Yeol is more famous than him. Dong-Soo says he isn’t jealous at all. He goes to pick up their meals, and Eun-Jae, who is guarding Mu-Yeol giving away his signature, leaves her post to ask him something. She’s curious why Jong-Hee calls the three of them by their names, while she’s the youngest among them. Dong-Soo explains that she does that only to close friends and she chooses to speak formally to the people insignificant to her.
Dong-Soo brings the meal to their table and Mu-Yeol leaves his little signing event although the kids keeps calling him. Jong-Hee divides the food and addresses Eun-Jae politely as Eun-Jae sshi. Eun-Jae knows that she’s the insignificant person to her and addresses her formally as Jong-Hee sshi too. Jong-Hee tells them about her intention to stay in Korea and she has quit painting, to everyone’s surprise. She marvels around how her health has tremendously improved since she quit a year ago. Silence falls between all of them after she speaks of the matter.
Su-Young is the one who’s most affected by what Jong-Hee said earlier and on their way home, she spills her thoughts to Dong-Soo. She admits that she quit painting because of Jong-Hee and how she was feeling down because Jong-Hee were more excellent than her. She was upset because her mother also witnessed how the young girl outshone herself. Dong-Soo teases her that he thought she quit because of him, bringing smile back to his wife’s face.
Dong-Ah is still in disguise and she keeps her eyes on Yoon-Yi at the bar. She gets anxious when he sees a woman passing a piece of paper to her, but it is thrown away after he takes a look at it. She picks it from the dustbin and not that pleased to see that it’s another phone number from the woman that tries to seduce Yoon-Yi. Dong-Ah complaints that nothing weird is happening around Yoon-Yi to Manager Kim (who picks her up! hihihi) and voices out about women who are becoming more open in voicing out their interests to men. Hehe. They arrive at her place and she gives him a New Year card with her picture in bikini. Manager Kim watches her until she goes inside and opens the card, revealing Dong-Ah in bikini..when she was a cute little girl. pffft. She wishes her a very happy new year and day for everyday. She signs it with ‘Your Dong-Ah’ and Manager Kim lets out a faint smile.
Eun-Jae just finishes her new skincare routine when Dong-Ah enters her room. Dong-Ah gives her the New Year card and tells her that she’s going to get dirty (i.e trying hard to win mananger Kim’s heart I think) this year. Eun-Jae rolls her eyes after hearing the usual report about Yoon-Yi: he’s popular, he’s good at peeling apples, he got long fingers. Dong-Ah admits she’d fall for him, if not for her Mr Robot. She then asks Eun-Jae about her progress with Reporter Go, and using the reporter’s name as a disguise for Mu-Yeol, she wonders how does it feel to have your crush actually liking you back. Dong-Ah says it would feel like a miracle, as the books say so.
A new day comes and Dong-Soo is busy dividing the packages to be carried by some high school baseball players. They bring the boxes into an office, where Mu-Yeol is having a chat with the team’s coach while Eun-Jae is looking around. He is actually giving some gifts for his school’s baseball team and teases the coach, who turns out to be his coach during his high school days. The coach sighs after knowing Dong-Soo’s baseball has ended and he’s only an agent now.
The two friends go to take a look at the place where they were once students and reminisces about their good old days. Dong-Soo brings up the matter about Jong-Hee to Mu-Yeol and he knows Jong-Hee is recovering from her bipolar disease. Eun-Jae comes over, bringing two cups of coffee for both of them. Dong-Soo tells him to get together back with Jong-Hee as both of them are not the same immature couple years ago and they know each other too well. Eun-Jae, upon hearing his words, drinks the coffee meant for Dong-Soo and leaves them.
Cut to their women, where Jong-Hee is at Su-Young’s place. Jong-Hee marvels about Su-Young’s amazing cooking skills. Su-Young then asks her about her decision to quit painting, but she replies nonchalantly that she’s been trying to do so for almost one year. She tells her about her two wishes: to paint and to be Mu-Yeol’s wife.
At the bar, Dong-Ah takes the opportunity while Yoon-Yi is busy to raid his bag and search for some clues. She so close to be found out by him, but she’s saved when the owner tells him that someone is looking for him. It’s Reporter Go, who drops by to see him after a while. Dong-Ah goes out and sees Reporter Go talking with Yoon-Yi, and he asks about his job. He then deliberately drops a picture of Mu-Yeol (with the eyes poked) and Yoon-Yi picks it up. Dong-Ah is surprised to see the picture and she’s about to ask Reporter Go about it when the bar owner wants her to do something else. She sweeps the front door but soon stops doing so. haha..poor Dong-Ah!
Reporter Go tries to dig into the matter about the picture that Yoon-Yi received before he started ‘playing around’ with Mu-Yeol. He doesn’t say anything but Reporter Go says it must have something written about Kang Jong-Hee, making his face changes. The reporter then excuses himself,at the same time Dong-Ah returns inside. She looks at the young man, whose face gives off the vibe that he’s worried about something.
Dong-Ah meets Manager Kim at a cafe and reports about Reporter Go. She starts drawing his face on the napkin: oval fave, slender eyes, thick lips. OMG hahaha! Suddenly, she sees the reporter coming into the cafe and starts to hide her face. She tells Manager Kim to kiss her (OMG!) to avoid being recognized by him, but he’s trying his best to pull away from her grab. Hehe. The reporter approaches them and  addresses Manager Kim. Dong-Ah is lost when he introduces her to the reporter.
It turns out that Reporter Go has decided to lend his hand to Manager Kim in the quest for Mu-Yeol’s stalker. Dong-Ah chides Manager Kim for not telling her about it, but he says it’s a last minute decision. Reporter Go sees the drawing Dong-Ah made earlier to describe him and goes, “Is this a drawing of a person?” HAHAHA! Dong-Ah takes the napkin away and fumes about the matter, plus Manager Kim not using their telepathy to tell her about Reporter Go. The reporter tells about what he found out about Yoon-Yi, and at the same time, the scene reveals him on the bus, looking at Mu-Yeol’s picture in his book.
Reporter Go is sure that Yoon-Yi doesn’t know who is the stalker, but the stalker knows him very well to know that he has the bad side to his polite, ethical nature. Dong-Ah tries her best to ignore the reporter, but not until she realizes that the Reporter Go in front of her right now is the Reporter Go that belongs to Eun-Jae. At the Dreamers’ office, Eun-Jae feels her name is called by someone, i.e telepathy.
She is, as usual, waiting Mu-Yeol outside the locker room. She yawns and two of the players greet her. The two players go inside the locker room and meet Mu-Yeol. One of them asks Mu-Yeol whether Eun-Jae has boyfriend or not. The second guy, Hyun-Woo tries to shut his friend’s mouth, but his friend is fast enough to tell Mu-Yeol: Hyun-Woo is actually having a crush on Eun-Jae. heeee. And Mu-Yeol’s reaction is all like, “That retard? Really? WHY?” Hyun-Woo likes her cute laugh and demonstrates it, and Mu-Yeol exaggerates the laugh with snorts. He agrees to ask her for him.
He goes out and sees Eun-Jae acting out some of Jong-Hee’s habits (and giving some comments on them no less). Unknown to her, Mu-Yeol watches her as she acts all cute and pretty, trying to be as feminine as Jong-Hee. He stares at her secretly, smile creeping out on his face. Eun-Jae almost sees him but he’s faster to hide. He keeps watching her until the two players come. He calls for her and walks away, smiling secretly as he manages to keep her cuteness for his eyes only. Awww..
Reporter Go and Manager Kim’s meeting is almost coming to an end, but soon Dong-Ah, who’s been staring at Reporter Go, starts asking about his ideal woman. He gives off an awkward laugh before telling her about his ideal woman: someone who won’t talk back to him, even when he scolds her. Cut to Eun-Jae, who’s denying Mu-Yeol’s accusation (he tells her about her awkward Jong-Hee-style dance) with rage and even curses to herself. hihi. Dong-Ah sighs, admitting that it’s a bit difficult for Eun-Jae. Manager Kim suddenly begins to list his own ideal woman characteristics (“I like honest girls” Dong-Ah? hehe) but gets cut halfway by Dong-Ah. She proceeds to ask more questions to the reporter.
Eun-Jae is going to leave for the day (her bow/nod to Mu-Yeol is so cute!) and suddenly, Mu-Yeol asks her about Hyun-Woo. She starts commenting about his baseball skills. Mu-Yeol hesitates to tell the truth and drops the subject. The bell rings and it’s Jong-Hee, who comes with a bottle of wine and her Short. She seems glad to see Eun-Jae leaving and Eun-Jae leaves after sighing in frustration. Outside, she starts venting out her anger at Jong-Hee and decides to eavesdrop. She’s found out by Mu-Yeol after Short keeps meowing at the door. She walks away with hesitation, but Mu-Yeol is still smiling.
Eun-Jae rides the bus and there’s a couple who’s hugging in front of her. She shouts at them, and the couple breaks apart. She then sighs about the public moral and stuffs while opening the window to get some fresh air. At the same time, Mu-Yeol and Jong-Hee are sitting on the couch, talking about Short. She sees the rings on his necklace and he gives her the rings. Jong-Hee doesn’t remember she sent her ring back to Mu-Yeol, partly because she was confused at that time.
She then wears the ring and Mu-Yeol wonders how can someone like her hate painting. He admits that he once thought about quitting his baseball career: when she broke up with him. He wonders how did she feel when they broke up, and leans in..for a kiss. Heh. On a side note: he looks quite troubled before he decides to kiss her.
Eun-Jae is doing her sit-ups when Dong-Ah (again) barges into her room. Dong-Ah tells her she should stop being her usual self and tries to change for Reporter Go. LOL she’s totally clueless about this! Eun-Jae sighs, saying that she really wants to change, but she prefers to have someone to like her just the way she is. Dong-Ah suggests her to wait for the right person to come into her life, and Eun-Jae smiles at her before resuming her sit-ups. Love their friendship!
The day starts as usual with Mu-Yeol leaving the house and the housekeeper ahjumma cleaning the house. She sees lipstick stain on one of the wine glass and takes it away. Eun-Jae is not in her full spirit, and her mood isn’t getting better when she finds out that Jong-Hee is wearing her couple ring. She completely loses herself in thoughts and just follows the couple out to a place.
They go to the place where Jong-Hee once painted some flowers on the wall. Eun-Jae looks at them from afar as they reminisce their memories. The scene changes into Eun-Jae witnessing Mu-Yeol and Jong-Hee’s self several years ago, going there in the middle of the night. They leave their traces there, and Mu-Yeol writes something. Both of them run away when a guard comes over. Eun-Jae stands there, reading the written sentence: “I was born to love you.” Back to the present, Jong-Hee tells that the place is going to be demolished soon. They walk away, Eun-Jae following behind.
After sending Jong-Hee to somewhere, Mu-Yeol tells Eun-Jae to take the front seat. She obeys him silently and he regards her strange behavior, far from her usual bickering habit. She tells hin that she’s sick, but soon says it’s just a joke.
Jong-Hee walks around and passes by a shop selling art stuffs and she stares at it. Meanwhile, Su-Young i probably thinking about the same thing. She’s actually at her mother’s place, and Woo-Young returns home with his grandma. Su-Young’s mother wants to meet Jong-Hee after knowing that she’s there, but Su-Young comes clean about Jong-Hee’s decision to quit painting. She says that Jong-Hee might have another things in mind, compared to her mother who only thinks painting is her only world and leaves with Woo-Young.
At the gym, Eun-Jae looks over as Mu-Yeol starts his fitness training. She stares at him, laughs at his lame, arrogant jokes, but soon her face falls again. Dong-Soo comes to give her Mu-Yeol’s list of dates he has to go for his community service. Before he goes out, Eun-Jae asks Dong-Soo about fate. He just replies that both Mu-Yeol and Jong-Hee are one special couple. She calls Kevin Jang, who’s looking around his new office and informs him that she wants to tell him something.
That night, Eun-Jae even opens the car door for Mu-Yeol and on their way to his house, she keeps silent. Unknown to him, she starts to replay all the things that happened between him and her in her mind (this is so heartbreaking T.T). They arrives at his house and she checks around before walking towards the door. Mu-Yeol reminds her to dress properly as the next day is going to be cold, but she ignores him. She looks around the house and bows to him, saying her goodbye. She doesn’t say anything and goes out to cry by herself. She wipes her tears and walks towards the lift.
At her house, Jong-Hee realizes that Short is acting strange and she takes a look at her door. A dark figure appears and disappears from her sight, leaving her in anxiety. The mystery stalker is not too pleased with the current things going on and throws crumpled Mu-Yeol’s picture into the dustbin.
[END of Episode 9]
Eun-Jae, Eun-Jae, and Eun-Jae…does she really have to suffer like that? Watching her being the outsider in Mu-Yeol and Jong-Hee’s relationship kills me. She’s too strong to be scarred, plus it’s because of love. I don’t want her to lose her spunk and keeps being the amazing Eun-Jae.
Although many are starting to hate and resent Mu-Yeol from this episode onwards because of his indifferent reaction towards Eun-Jae, he’s still affected by her confession. I find him quite sweet to consider his feelings for her and thinks about her over and over again, it’s just that he’s being distracted by Jong-Hee’s presence in front of his eyes. For this, I actually nod in agreement with the title, and I think Jong-Hee is the ‘Texas Hit’, falling in between two persons at the wrong time. Surprisingly, I don’t find her that annoying (probably because I’ve prepared myself well) and it’s just part of her character.
Dong-Ah and Manager Kin are just amazing as always, but the cutest character for this episode goes to….
Part of it thanks to Dong-Ah’s drawing and questions, I’m seeing him in a new light. hehe.

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