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Actress Lee Si Young is casted for MBC Music’s Music and Lyrics.

Music and Lyrics is a romantic reality program in which an actress and a male singer-songwriter get together to make one special song. As followed to the couple of Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun, Lee Si Young is casted to write “lyrics” for the next couple.

Lee Si Young has shown her singing skills by singing in some soundtracks for her movies Dangerous Meeting and Couples. She has also featured on Honeyfamily’s fifth album song “What Is Love” with Leessang’s Gary.

Lee says, “I love music, and I’m flattered to appear in a music reality program. Instead of being self-conscious on broadcast, I want to show the way I am in a comfortable manner.”

Producer Kwon Young Chan of the show says, “I heard that actress Lee Si Young is very interested in music as she was involved in some music activities like singing movie soundtracks and featuring on songs. I wonder how her hidden music talent will appear in the show.”

MBC Music’s Music and Lyrics will air its first broadcast on February 24 at midnight.

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