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Lee Min Ho Had Real Feelings for Kim Yoo Jung

Lee Min Ho from “Moon that Embraces the Sun” revealed that he had real feelings for his partner Kim Yoo Jung when they acted in “Gumiho” together. Lee Min Ho appeared on the February 13 episode of “Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Won hee’s Come to Play.”

On the show he talked about appearing on “Gumiho” with Kim Yoo Jung. Lee Min Ho stated, “In ‘Gumiho’ we were two people in love. We fooled around at the time a lot. However, that is probably why I started to have feelings about her.”

He continued, “In ‘Moon that Embraces the Sun’ I play the role that is in an unrequited love with her. That is why she does not look at me at all in the drama, it made me feel empty.”

A more veteran actress Lee Eui Jung stated, “Childhood actors usually fall in love a lot on set.” 

cr : soompi

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