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Lee Dong Wook who plays the lead on Wild Romance is gaining popularity with his them song “Painful.”
KBS2’s Wild Romance is making many viewers emotional as the love story between the baseball player Moo Yeol(played by Lee Dong Wook) and his body guard and anti-fan Eun Jae(played by Lee Si Young) develops.
The soundtrack that expresses the pain of their love, help the viewers better understand them and feel their emotions.
Moo Yeol’s theme song “Wild Romance Soundtrack Part 5” that contains the appealing and attractive voice of the rookie singer Dong Woo along with lyrical melodies captivated many viewers’ hearts on February 9.

This song is a piece of work from the music director Kim Sun Min who also wrote songs that were big hits forDamo and The Princess’ Man. The arrangement of the beautiful piano playing from songwriter Kim Kyung Beom completed the music.
The theme song of Moo Yeol “Painful” received good reviews as soon as it was released on February 9, and even ranked third place on Bug Charts.
Currently, Wild Romance has a 6.3% viewer rating and is catching up to Take Care of Us, Captain.

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