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How does Kim Yoo Jung as dream girl looks like?

The sensible girl fashion magazine Wanna Girls recently produced a set of pictorials photos together with Kim Yoo Jung with the theme of perfect girl.

The photo shot was done with the theme of “Girl you will be a woman,” which tells the story of a young beautiful girl dreaming of looking at her adult woman look. The young actress Kim Yoo Jung who is very active recently beautifully portrayed the transition phase of before getting the wings of women.

Kim Yoo Jung tweeted the photos after the photoshot for Wanna Girls. Netizens who saw the photos said, “Really captivating,” “Really beautiful,” “Seems like getting more and more mature,” and so on, the response was explosive.

The magazine illustrations Kim Yoo Jung who vividly portrayed the delicate feelings of girls through her acting in The Moon that Embraces the Sun are published on March 2012 edition of Wanna Girls.

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