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The look of affectionate man Kim Soo Hyun revealed.

On February 13th, the photos of Kim Soo Hyun massaged the shoulders of Kim Min Seo were made public. In the photos, Kim Soo Hyun changed from his irritable image in the drama The Moon that Embraces the Sun, and was massaging the shoulders of the Queen Yoon Bo Kyung (played by Kim Min Seo), choking up with emotions of many famale fans.and emotionally so many female fans.

The photos were taken on the even of production press conference for The Moon that Embraces the Sun in early January 2012, while Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Min Seo were on standby. Kim Soo Hyun was massaging the shoulders of Kim Min Seo who was tired.

After seeing the photos, netizens said, “Really touching looking at the behind the scene photos of the king Lee Hwon,” “Although receiving the indifferent treatment in the drama but it’s better than been cold-shouldered in reality,” “Kim Min Seo becomes the most enviable people in the world,” and so on, leaving the envy.

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