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Jung Il Woo is blazing a trail through Asia.

From SBS’ 49 Days to tvN’s Cool Guys, Hot Ramen and MBC’s The Sun and the Moon, Jung has continued to gather a great bit of popularity not only in Korea but also across Asia. Evidence of his popularity could first be found in Japan, where he recently paid a visit to promote 49 Days.

On February 4, Jung left for Japan to promote 49 Days. At the time, main media outlets in Japan bombarded Jung with questions on 49 Days, Cool Guys, Hot Ramen and even The Sun and the Moon. Cool Guys, Hot Ramen is currently airing on Mnet Japan, while The Sun and the Moon isn’t airing yet, but will soon be following suit as its publication rights have been contracted with nine different Asian countries.

49 Days actually can’t be aired in China because Chinese broadcasts censor content related to the afterlife. It’s still managing to cause a boom in the country, however, through online downloads.

As all of his recent pieces have been successes overseas, Jung plans to start promoting across Asia this year. He will first be meeting with his fans in Japan and China.

An official from Jung’s agency recently told enews, “I learned that Japan and China are showing a great interest in Il Woo. Japan especially showed interest in The Sun and the Moon, which hasn’t even aired in the country yet. Based on this fact, we’ll soon be setting up specific plans for such things as fanmeetings in Asia and so on.”

cr : enewsworld

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