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The price of costume clothing for Han Ga In in The Moon that Embraces the Sun surprised everyone after it was revealed.

Netizens who get to know the price of the Han Ga In’s hanbok said, “Deserve to be the queen,” “Surprise to hear the price of the clothes,” “Because of Han Ga In, the outfit looks more beautiful,” and so on.

But everybody is even more surprise when knowing that the traditional costume of Han Ga In is more expensive than Kim Soo Hyun’s gonryongpo imperial robe.

The upper garment of the queen outfit of Han Ga In costs 2 million South Korean wons (about USD $1,780), adding up the cost of the skirt to make up the total price tag of 3.4 million South Korean wons (about USD $3,000). What’s more, the the shoulders pat and the abdomen part where the hands are put on are manually produced in a month.

On the other hand, the gonryongpo imperial robe of Kim Soo Hyun costs 1.5 million South Korean wons (about USD 1,335), and specially tailored made for Kim Soo Hyun.

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