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Trail of Tears – Wheesung (The Moon Embracing the Sun OST Part 3) by shelbyrafitri

The third OST for MBC drama series The Moon that Embraces the Sun has been released on January 26, 2012.

The Moon that Embraces the Sun OST (original sound track) part 3 has the title of Trail of Tears (눈물길), which also been translated as Path of Tears or Road of Tears. The song is sang by Wheesung (휘성), who also involved in writing the lyric sole and composing the song together with Moonha.
The Moon that Embraces the Sun OST Part 3
  1. Trail of Tears (눈물길) – Wheesung
  2. Trail of Tears (눈물길) – Instrumental
Listen to Trail of Tears (눈물길) at YouTube.
Trail of Tears (눈물길) Lyric
난 처음 보는 낯선 곳에 지금 서있어
정신없이 걷고 뛰다 길을 잃어버린 거야
뭐 상관없어 상관없어 상관없다구
누군가 날 찾겠지만 넌 아닐 테니

안녕, 안녕 같은 말인데 왜
만남 이별 따라 뜻이 다른 거야
내가 살아 있는지 죽어있는지
난 어떻게 되는 건지
나를 사랑 하다가 버린 사람아
대답할 수 있을 거야
내가 뛰어 온 자리 흘려두었던
눈물길을 따라서 되돌아가면
니 변명이라도 들어볼 수 있을까
안돼, 안돼 난 후회할 거야
다시, 다시 시작할 수 있을 거야
내가 살아 있을 때 힘이 있을 때
너의 곁에 있어야해
내가 사랑해봐서 제일 잘 알아
내가 필요하다는 걸
내가 뛰어온 자리 흘려두었던
눈물길을 따라서 되돌아가면
날 기다리는 널 꼭 만나게 될 거야
그래 되돌아가자 숨이 터져도 좋아
달리고 또 달려서 너를 안으러
거기 있어서 줘 아직 못다한 내 얘기를 들어줘
내가 사랑하는 것 바라보는 것
그것만으로 좋아
내가 필요 없다고 싫어졌다고
뿌리쳐도 네가 좋아
어떤 상처를 줘도 잘 참아 낼게
소리소리 질러도 웃고 있을게
니 곁이 아니면 살수 없는 나니까
Trail of Tears (눈물길) Lyric Romanization
nan cheo-eum boneun nasseon gose chigeum seoisseo
jeongshineobshi geodko ttwiida gi-reurirheobeorin geoya
mwo sanggwahneop-seo sanggwahneop-seo sanggwahneopt-daku
nu-gunka nal chajket-jiman neon anil teni
annyeong, annyeong gateun marinde waeh
mannam ibyeol ttara tteushi dareun geoya
nae-ga sara i-nneunji jugeoi-nneunji
nan eotteohke dwehneun geonji
nareul sarang hada-ga beorin sarama
daedabhal su isseul keoya
nae-ga ttwiiyeo on jari heullyeodu-eot-deon
nun-mul-gi-reul ttaraseo dwehdo-ra-gamyeon
ni byeon-myeon-girado deu-reobol su isseul-kka
andwaeh, andwaeh nan huhwehhal keoya
tashi, tashi shijakhal su isseul keoya
nae-ga sara isseul ttae himi isseul ttae
neoye gyeote isseoyahae
nae-ga sarang-haebwahseo je-il jal ara
nae-ga pilyohadaneun geol
nae-ga ttwiiyeo-on jari heullyeodu-eot-deon
nun-mul-gi-reul ttaraseo dwehdo-ra-gamyeon
nal kidarineun neol kkong manna-ge twehl keoya
keurae dwehdo-ra-gaja sumi teojyeodo chowa
talligo tto tallyeoseo neoreuraneureo
keo-gi isseoseo jwo ajing mot-dahan nae yaegireul deu-reojwo
nae-ga sarang-haneun geot paraboneun geot
keugeonmaneuro chowa
nae-ga pilyo eopt-da-go shirheojyeot-da-go
ppurichyeodo ni-ga chowa
eotteon- sang-cheoreul jwodo jal chama nael-ke
sorisori jilleodo utko isseul-ke
ni kyeoti animyeon sal-su eom-neun nanikka
Trail of Tears (눈물길) Lyric English Translation
I am now standing at a strange place that I’ve seen for the first time
I walked and ran spiritless and eventually got lost
But it doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter
Someone will seek for me but it won’t be you
Hello, goodbye, why speak the same words
But they have different meanings based on encounter or parting
Whether I’m alive or dead
Whatever happens to me
You who loved me and then abandoned me
Will be able to answer me
Up until this place that I have ran across
If I can follow the trail of tears to return to the past
Will I be able to hear at least your explanation?
No, no, I will regret
Again, again, can start all over again
When I’m alive and have the strength
I should stay by your side
I love you so I know best
I need you
Up until this place that I have ran across
If I can follow the trail of tears to return to the past
I will surely meet you who is waiting for me
Yes, let’s go back, even if breathless, it’s okay
I run and run for you
Please be there to listen to my untold story
Just by loving you, just by looking at you
That is all I need
Even if you say you no longer need me, and hate me
Even if you ditch me aside, I still like you
I will endure all kind of scar that you give me
Even if you scream and scream at me, I will smile
Because I can’t live if I’m not by your side
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Song by Shelbyra Fitri 

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