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Jung Il Woo's Ideal Type Changes Every Year

The cast of MBC’s upcoming historical drama, “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” gathered yesterday, January 2, for a press conference. “The Moon Embracing the Sun” is a fantasy historical drama (sageuk) set in the Joseon Dynasty and stars “Dream High’s” Kim Soo Hyun, “Bad Guy’s” Han Ga In, “Baby-Faced Beauty’s” Kim Min Seo,  and “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’s” Jung Il Woo.
In the series, Jung Il Woo plays Prince Yang Myung who is second in line for the throne and the half-brother of Lee Won (Kim Soo Hyun). Yang Myung and Lee Won fall for the same girl, a shaman named Wol (Han Ga In) who eventually falls for Lee Won. 
Jung Il Woo described, “While he looks bright and cheerful on the outside, Yang Myung is actually full of pain and agony. Despite his bright smiles, he’s a very sad character. He’s constantly conflicted between reason and sensibility.”
While his character shows devotion to one love, Jung Il Woo surprised reporters by comparing his dating style to a nickel-silver pot. He stated, “I love like a nickel-silver pot. I tend to get passionate really fast, and I cool down [forget his ex] once we end our relationship.” The humorous comment caused everyone at the conference burst into laughter. Jung Il Woo continued, “My theory of love, relationships, and ideal type changes every year. Right now, the beautiful and hard-working Han Ga In sunbaenim is my ideal girl.” Slightly embarrassed, Jung Il Woo added, “I lost control over this situation.”
“The Moon that Embraces the Sun” is written by Jung Eun Gwol, who also wrote last year’s “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” starring JYJ’s Yoochun, Park Min Young, Song Joong Ki, and Yoo Ah In. It will air its pilot episode tomorrow, January 4, 2012 on MBC at 9:55PM KST.  
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