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"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference"

From the beginning of starring in The Moon that Embraces the Sun, Jung Il Woo once asserted that acting of young actors was too good, and he felt tremendous pressure.

Since the airing of The Moon that Embraces the Sun, the ratings have consistently maintained at high level, and even have the rising trend. The praises have been streaming in continuously, but what’s the most worrying is that when the child actors retire from the screen, can the adult actors who take over could gave everyone the same or even better favorable impression visually and auditory.

Now it seems that the audience’s concerns have been gradually tapering because of the good acting by adult actors. Especially Jung Il Woo has enjoyed popular support in playing the adult role of Prince Yang Myung. Although the viewers still cannot forget the appearance, voice and smile of small Yang Myung, but after seeing the adult Yang Myung played by Jung Il Woo, praises have been pouring in.

Many viewers said, “After the end of the appearance of Lee Min Ho as young Yang Myung, used to feel empty, but now the big Yang Myung played by Jung Il Woo fills my emptiness,” “Feel that the two actors for the role of Yang Myung are the most in tune.”

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