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어쩜 (Perhaps) - 제시카 (Jessica) & 김진표 (Kim Jin Pyo) OST Wild Romance Part 2 by shelbyrafitri

The KBS2′s Wednesday and Thursday drama series Wild Romance‘s OST which was released on January 19th, 2012, “Perhaps,” sang by Jessica Jung and Kim Jin Pyo, is topping the musical chart.
The OST sang by Jessica and Kim Jin Pyo is receiving enthusiastic praises from the audience. The competitive songs, the OST of MBC’s The Moon that Embraces the Sun, Back in Time, ranked at third place, while OST of SBS’s Take Care of Us, Captain, It’s Cold, ranked at forth position.
On the other hand, Jessica who plays the role of ex-lover of hero Park Moo Yul (Lee Dong Wook) will debut on January 25th, 2012.
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