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Han Ga In was praising child actress Kim Yoo Jung.

In the MBC’s Section TV Entertainment Show broadcast on January 22nd, 2012, Han Ga In spared no efforts in praising Kim Yoo Jung.
With regards to actress Kim Yoo Jung who played the role of Yeon Woo at young age in The Moon that Embraces the Sun, Han Ga In said, “The child actors did very well, and they were the earliest to arrive on the set. Before coming I have a little worry, but now my mood is very relaxed.
Han Ga-in said, “The acting skill of Kim Yoo Jung is really good, especially the eyes’ expression acting really surprised me, it’s really good.”
On the program aired on the day, the speech of Kim Yoo Jung which was full of vigor also attracted attention. She said, “The child actors acted well because of the guidance of the adult actors. The acting of adult actors is good too, so hope that viewers can continue to support the drama.”
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